Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sapphire - Colaba's very own pretty paradise! :)

Super close friend of mine and co-owner of the girly, chic, and fash-forward store Sapphire, Dipika Israni took time out to speak with me about what she thinks is Hot and what's Not.
Dipika, along with twin-sister Divya, started their store earlier this year and have being doing fabulously well! From being featured in fashion publications to hosting exhibitions across the city, the sisters are going places. :)

Read on to find out where they're from and what they're upto now:

* What sets Sapphire apart and gives it its niche? Who would you define as your target?
In the Indian market, as of today, you don’t have too many people who customize clothes. And especially where western wear is concerned there are very few people / brands that customize their garments to suit the client.
We won’t really categorize our target, as we cater to all possible sizes and age groups.

* Describe your label in a few words. And, what is your specialty?
Trendy, Vibrant, Fresh, Chic, Funky and Made-to-order.
Our speciality would definitely have to be - customization.

* You guys went to business school. How did that help in establishing and setting up the business?
A store is just like a business unit. And what we learned in business school helped us in the day-to-day functioning of the store. Not only do we take care of the designing but we also contribute to the marketing and PR of the store. All in all, business school helped in fine tuning our entrepreneurial skills.

* At 21, you are handling your own business all by yourself. How does this feel?
It feels great but comes with responsibilities. It has its highs and lows, and because it’s our first venture we are really taking it as it comes.

* W.r.t shoes and accessories and bags, do you make them yourself or are they supplied?
We have a mixture of both. Some stuff is in-house and we do outsource also.

* As a new, young designer what are the challenges you face / have faced?
Personally I feel, in the Indian market, Experimenting is a major challenge.

* Indians are sometimes hesitant to take risks where fashion is concerned. Do you agree? How do you think this can change?
Yes, that’s true. There are many people who don’t want to try out a certain style or colour or cut, but they need to understand that trying a different look can change your personality. Also, there are women who only wear Indian outfits and are hesitant to try out western styles and cuts. However, the newer generation is more open to trying new ideas and styles.

* From your collection, what are your favorite designs?
We have 3 pieces that we really like. Theres:
A stunning black and white classic dress with embroidered upperbust,sleeves and back. A detailed buttoned cuff and neck line.

A Fun feminine layered dress with a over bust patch of printed patchwork. Detailed with pom-poms.

A flowy georgette dress with shaded embroidery. Detailed with silk trimmings and rhinestone buttons.

* Who / What do you consider to be your biggest inspiration?
Our mother because she has a great sense of style.

* What trends for you foresee for FW10?
Lace, Sheer, Stripes, and Bold embroidery.

* What are your plans for the future?
A bigger store and we also plan to supply to stores in India and abroad.

You can pop in to their store anytime during the week between 11am and 7pm.
G6 Apna Ghar,
SB Singh Road,
Near Cafe Coffee Day,

Trust me, you won't leave empty handed.

Also, to keep up with their latest collections and exhibitions, 'Like' them on facebook - :)


Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to where we belong! ♥

Hey Hey!

How has everyone been? Staying pretty? :)
So I know I've been off this for a while, but I promise you it's only because a lot has happened these past few months! :)

But I'm going to now stick to keeping this updated and new and happy! Previously I posted stuff that was flirty and chic and fashionable, mostly talking about trends or what I thought was hot, but now I'm also going to introduce you to people. To real people, who make fashion the joy that it is!

So whether it's new designers, people who's style I adore, little fashion happenings around the city, I'm going to try to cover it all.
Also also, if you know anyone who has great style or if you want to be featured here, get in touch with me! :D

Much Love.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Mad-Hatter.

So you have hats, caps, berets, beanies, and then you have Fedoras!
While all of the above add fun to an outfit and look just as cute, the Fedora manages to add one extra element - Class.
So pop on that hat to pop up your style!!

Trivia Time
- A Fedora (also known as a Trilby) is a hat that has a crease lengthwise down the crown and pinched in the front on both sides.
It's been in fashion since the 1920's and I guess that's how it gets its timeless elegance.

Now in comparison to other accessories, hats tend to stand out and make head turn, so be careful while chosing your hat.
If you're a first timer, I'd say stick to a basic black, khaki or grey and get used to the stares.
Once you're past that stage get more creative with colors, textures, prints and patterns. =)

And as the picture above clearly states, this trend ain' restricted to the men only. So go ahead and flaunt your style.

P.S - If you are creative enough get a cute black felt Fedora with bands that you can change yourself! It's like having a new hat for every day of the week!! =)


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Irina Shabayeva - Girly Chic~

"From sugar and spice and everything nice." That's what Project Runway's season 6 winner - Irina Shabayeva's collection is made off.
And I'm not even heading into the FW collection yet. SS2010 is a fantasy land.

An eye for detail and hands that work magic, her collection is charming, elegant, easy, sexy and beautiful. Certain to make you feel like a true princess.

I LOVE that she loves butterflies as much as I do. And what I love even more is how she finds a way to incorporate it into her line. And every dress looks just as fresh! And the way she drapes = H.E.A.V.E.N!

Sticking to the few basic colors (Black, Blue, Red and the occasional white) her line consists of dresses that can easily be taken from day to night.
So whether you're dancing the night away, on your first date, or taking a sip of champagne at the office party, you're bound to turn heads in an Irina Shabayeva original.

And if you don't believe me, visit her website


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger Scores.

If there is anything that embodies summer and the beach perfectly, it's got to be the Tommy Hilfiger 2010 Campaign.

Fabulously light, fresh, and shot with an old-school look, their campaign has impressed me and how! I'm super glad they did this. :)

I Love it. Period.

Look how pretty~

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The 'Fore'head Band!

Who said headbands were for school girls, and school girls only?
While you can leave the metal ones for them, you *have* to stock up on the elastic all-round bands.
With the arrival of Summer, it's time to bring out the hippie in you!

Sparkly, floral, kitsch, beaded, cloth - whatever your style, you've got to own a headband.
But instead of wearing it like we did in school (sweeping all our hair back) you've got to break the rules and wear it like a fore-head band! :)

It is a little high maintainence as compared to sweeping all your hair back, but then whoever said fashion was easy. ;)
And this gives you the flirty, dreamy girl-next-door look.

And although I'd like to see Indian celebs work this trend, the 2 people in the world who, according to me rock this look without even trying are Mischa Barton and Nicole Ritchie.
Easy, Breezy and Fabulous.

So girls, bring out them hot rollers, get your beachy hair set, on goes the 'fore'head band and behold pretty-ness!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Nerd. Word.

Vintage. Stylish. Sassy. Geeky. Fabulous. Fun!
If there is anything you got to be wearing this season and forever, it has to be the Nerd Frames.

I'm a HUGE (read as: Massive) sucker for anything that has nerd in it. So I may be slightly partial to this look, but trust me once you're hooked, you're hooked! Adding this simple accessory to your everyday outfit can change the way the world 'looks' at you!

Brands like D&G, RayBan, Linda Farrow, Prism, Blinde and heaps of others are working this trend and how!! And if you don't want to spend a bomb on a branded pair, simply raid your grandmother's closet, or head over to the local vintage store where I'm sure you'll find something you'll love. ♥

And boy oh boy, is this versatile. From making you look intelligent and well-read it also shows that you are quirky and fun and ready for change!

So prescription or not, cheat and get yourself a pair. The color options are endless but for me classic black rules the Nerd Clan!

I'll *seeyou* soon!